除了财政援助计划, students may be able to obtain assistance in the form of scholarships granted based on academic or technical achievements, participation in extracurricular and leadership activities and exhibited talents of the fine arts or athletics. 奖学金 are available to current Gadsden State students as well as graduating high school seniors.



*此应用程序适用于 current 仅限大学生. High school seniors should complete the application to the right.*

奖学金的发放取决于资金的可用性. 奖学金获得者只会收到授信通知. Private scholarship funds are applied to student accounts through the College Business Office.

Current college students should complete the General Scholarship Application. Completion of the FAFSA is recommended for all students applying for scholarship assistance. 加兹登州立学校的代码是001017.

For questions about scholarships, call the Scholarship Manager at 256-549-8203.


Once you are admitted to Gadsden State, you may apply for scholarships using the 2024-2025 普通奖学金申请



It is the official policy of the 阿拉巴马社区学院系统 and 十大赌博app, 在其控制下的专上院校, that no person shall be discriminated against on the basis of any impermissible criterion or characteristic including, 但不限于, race, color, 国家的起源, religion, 婚姻状况, disability, sex, age or any other protected class as defined by federal and state law.

Alabama Committee on Credentialing and Career Pathways Scholarship

This scholarship provides assistance for students pursuing credentialing in Automotive Service, 汽车碰撞修理, 建筑或焊接.  Those interested should contact the program instructor for more information and application.

Alpha Kappa Alpha姐妹会. Scholarship

The AKA Scholarship is awarded to a minority student enrolled in a 十大赌博app program. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. The scholarship can be applied toward tuition, books or fees.


These scholarships provide tuition for selected students who are willing to work as representatives of the College. 平均成绩不低于3分.新生入学需要0分. 选择标准包括学术成绩, club/organization participation and 课外活动. A 500-word essay expressing how life experiences have contributed to the applicant’s preparation to become a GSCC Ambassador is required. In addition, the selection process may include an interview with the Ambassador Selection Committee.


奖学金 are offered to students who athletically excel. Interested students should contact the GSCC Athletic Department by calling 256.549.8310. 奖学金 are available for males in basketball, tennis, and basketball managers. 奖学金 are available for females in basketball, volleyball and managers.


This fund provides assistance to students taking courses on the Ayers校园. Priority is given to students in declared majors and those within one semester of graduation. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.


This scholarship provides limited textbook scholarships based on available funds. 


This scholarship provides limited assistance to students meeting certain criteria to offset specific charges in extenuating circumstances based on available funds.  

Barry Boatwright纪念奖学金

This scholarship provides tuition for a student in a science-related major. Recommendation is made by the Science Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


宾果奖学金 are awarded to Etowah County residents. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. Awards are based on available funds and are awarded for one term on a term-by-term basis.  学生可以多次申请宾果奖学金. 


这项奖学金颁发给全日制学生. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. 奖学金可以申请学费, book, 给女或男篮球运动员的补给或费用.


这项奖学金颁发给全日制学生. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. 奖学金可以申请学费, book, supplies or fees.


This scholarship is awarded for Fall and Spring semesters to a deserving student. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.


This scholarship is awarded for one term to a deserving student. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.


The Cardinal Foundation presents several scholarships each year to Gadsden State students. 

Larry Joe Chesnut纪念奖学金

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Larry Joe Chesnut to a second-year student with a minimum 2.0 GPA.


Children of blind parents may be eligible for a scholarship covering full tuition and fees. Recipients are selected by the Alabama Department of Education, 从哪些应用程序可用. Students must be a dependent of a blind parent and meet income, GPA and age criteria.

Citizen Baptist Medical Center Volunteer Program 奖学金

These scholarships provide partial tuition assistance to graduating high school seniors who attend high school in Talladega County. 申请人的高中总绩点必须达到2分.75或以上, demonstrate leadership ability and community involvement and express a desire to enter a medical field. Financial need is also taken into consideration during the selection process.

Jerry L. 卡尔伯森护理奖学金

These scholarships are awarded to Cherokee County residents who have been accepted into the nursing program and who plan to attend nursing classes at 加兹登州立切罗基人.  Applicants must demonstrate academic success by meeting all progression requirements of the nursing program and must have a demonstrated financial need.


This scholarship is awarded to an employee or dependent of an individual who has been employed at the company for at least one year. 高中毕业的学生必须至少有2个.5 GPA申请,必须保持2.GPA达到5分才能继续获得奖学金. 申请人必须填写FAFSA才能被考虑.


捐款奖学金是在资金到位时颁发的. Priority consideration is given to students in their last term of attendance prior to graduation. 最少2个.要求GPA为0.


Eligible dual enrollment students interested in certain career technical programs identified as high-wage, high-demand may qualify for the 双录取 Scholarship. These scholarships are funded by the Career Technical 双录取 Grant through the 阿拉巴马社区学院系统 and covers tuition. The student is responsible for fees, books and materials/supplies. For more information on the application process and list of scholarship-eligible programs, visit GadsdenState.edu/DualEnrollment.


The 双录取 Achievement Scholarship provides assistance to former dual enrollment students who have completed 23 credit hours. 全日制注册是必需的. 如果符合标准,该奖学金可以续期. 最少3个.要求GPA为0.


These scholarships are awarded to residents of Etowah County. 申请人必须表现出学术才能.


These scholarships provide assistance that can be used for tuition and/or required books for students in the Emergency Medical Services program.


This scholarship is awarded to an EMS major who has completed the Advanced EMT level at 十大赌博app and is entering into the Paramedic Program. 学生可以是全日制的,也可以是兼职的. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books, EMS fees or NREMT testing fees.


这项奖学金只包括学费. 该奖学金在资金到位时颁发.


This scholarship provides books and required supplies for a second-year RN student. Recommendation is made by the Nursing Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.  This scholarship is awarded based on financial need and academic standing.

Joe & 布伦达·福特纪念捐赠奖学金

These scholarships cover tuition for up to two semesters for full-time students. To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be a resident of Etowah County. Receipt of other forms of financial aid may affect eligibility to receive this scholarship.


These scholarships are funded by Gadsden Regional Medical Center and awarded by GRMC. Please contact GRMC for additional information becky_samitt@gadsdenregional.com


The 加兹登扶轮社捐赠奖学金 is awarded to an Etowah County resident for one term only. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.

十大赌博app Alumni Association 奖学金

The Alumni Association provides tuition assistance for qualified students. 入选标准包括:美国国籍.S. 公民或外籍居民,总分至少2分.5 GPA, 十大赌博app十大赌博app就读, completion of 24 credit hours prior to the scholarship terms awarded, 简历(学历和荣誉), employment, 会员及领导职位, 课外活动, 志愿服务)和职业十大赌博app. Preference shall be given to students who are Association members and/or have family who are Association members. 由香港大学校友会选出. 

十大赌博app Faculty and Staff 奖学金

These scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds for one term only. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.


Students who have successfully completed the GED test may be entitled to enroll in one 十大赌博app course free of charge. Complete the application and mail to the Scholarship Manager. 


The 得奖学金 is awarded at the Fall and Spring GED graduation to the graduate with the highest GED test score. The scholarship covers up to 13 credit hours for the Fall and Spring semesters for up to two years. 最少2个.GPA必须达到5分才能保持奖学金资格.


This scholarship was established by the Griffith family in honor of their mother, 苏·麦克米金·格里菲斯, 谁曾是GSCC的教员. This scholarship is awarded to second-year RN students who demonstrate behaviors that evidence caring, 对病人的同情态度. An adequate GPA to predict completion of the nursing program as well as to predict licensure as a registered nurse is required. 由护理部进行选择.


This scholarship provides partial-tuition scholarships to Career Technical students enrolled in Construction Technology, HVAC or Electrical Technology programs at a Gadsden campus 考虑到经济需要.


This scholarship is awarded to students recommended by the Precision Machining Department who are currently enrolled in the Precision Machining program.  This scholarship is funded by the Gene Haas Foundation Co.

Mary F. 兰伯特奖学金

This scholarship was established by August Lehi and friends of Mary Lambert to provide scholarships to students majoring in Court Reporting. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. The recipient is recommended by the Court Reporting Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


These scholarships provide tuition and selected fees to childcare center directors, teachers and home providers to enroll in the Child Development program. The program is funded by the Alabama Department of Human Resources as a result of an initiative of the Alabama Childcare Consortium. 才有资格申请这项援助, 学生必须是阿拉巴马州的居民, employed in a legally-operating child care facility in Alabama caring for children ages birth through 12 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and be at least 19 years of age. Applicants must consult with the Child Development Program instructor and obtain her signature on the scholarship application prior to submitting the application. Eligibility is determined by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. For more information, call the Child Development program director at 256-549-8335.


This scholarship is available to a high school senior who has completed geometry (or equivalent) and who has an interest in pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry. Selection is made by the Alabama Technology Network on the 东广校区.



The Mary Martin Scholarship is awarded to a student with a minimum 2.5 GPA. 奖学金只能用于支付学费.




This scholarship was established in memory of Shirley Meadows and is awarded to a deserving Medical Laboratory Science student. The recipient is recommended by the MLT Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


This scholarship provides a partial tuition scholarship to a deserving sophomore student in the Court Reporting Program. The recipient is recommended by the Court Reporting Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


This scholarship is awarded to an EMS Basic graduate who has demonstrated outstanding potential and intends to pursue a career in Emergency Medical Services. The scholarship provides funds that cover partial tuition, fees and/or textbooks expenses. Recipients must maintain National Registry status and a minimum 3.0 GPA.

小卢西安·纽曼. Award

This is a partial scholarship awarded to an EMS Basic graduate. Recipient must maintain National Registry status and a minimum 3.0 GPA.

James W. 吉姆·诺伦捐赠奖学金

This scholarship is awarded to a current year graduating high school student with a B average who demonstrates financial need, enrolls in a technical program and is involved in community activities. 收件人必须保持至少3.0 GPA. 


This scholarship is awarded annually to a nursing student. 由护理部进行选择.


This scholarship program was established in 2003 for spouses and dependents of the Alabama National Guard or reservists called to active duty. The scholarship has been expanded in support of Operation Noble Eagle, 伊拉克自由行动和全球反恐战争. The scholarship provides tuition during the term of the activation. Tuition scholarships shall be available only after all other forms of federal financial assistance have been exhausted. Documentation required includes official copies of military orders, 结婚证, 出生证明和国税局纳税申报表. Certification from the appropriate military office should be obtained each semester to verify continued activation.

Opportunity 奖学金 (Economically Disadvantaged Student)

These scholarships are awarded to students with financial need as set forth in the State Board guidelines. Applicants must complete a FAFSA to verify financial eligibility. 最少2个.需要5 GPA.


These scholarships are awarded to students who provide four hours of tutoring per week. 被选中的学生成绩必须是3分.2 GPA, have earned 12 credit hours and have completed all steps of the scholarship selection process. For more information about the Cardinal Tutoring Center, please click here and for more information about the scholarship please email CTC@boundless-voyage.com


These scholarships provide assistance to students in the final year of the nursing program. The recipient is recommended by the Nursing Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


Performing Arts scholarships provide tuition to students who excel in band, chorus, 美术或戏剧. 奖项将以试镜/作品集为基础. Recipients will be expected to perform while attending GSCC on scholarship and must register for the appropriate scholarship-related classes each semester.


The 家禽科学奖学金 has been established for the express purpose of providing scholarships for students enrolled in the Poultry Science Program at 加兹登州立切罗基人 and who intend to transfer to Auburn University and major in Poultry Science. Recipients will receive a scholarship award in the amount of 13 credit hours for the fall semester. The scholarship is open to all students enrolled in the Poultry Science Program at Gadsden State. Students must take AGP 130 at 加兹登州立切罗基人 and have a GPA of 2.5或以上. 


这项奖学金每年颁发一次,以纪念约瑟夫. 罗伯逊,前GSCC历史讲师. The scholarship pays partial tuition for a history or education major. 最少2个.需要75 GPA. The recipient is recommended by the History Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


These scholarships are funded and awarded by Riverview Regional Medical Center. 请通过slee17@primehealthcare与Sandra Lee联系.com. 更多信息可以在www上找到.RiverviewRegional.com


These scholarships were established by Gadsden physician E. 马克斯·桑德斯,M.D.和玛莎·伯加德·桑德斯. 它包括学生的学费和书本费. Consideration will be given to students with financial need.


This program allows students 60 years of age or older who have met admissions requirements to receive tuition waivers for college credit courses on a space-available basis only. Space-available basis requires registration during the late registration process. The scholarship will not apply to repeat classes, regardless of initial funding source. This scholarship can cover up to six hours per semester of in-state tuition only after all other forms of financial assistance have been exhausted.

技能培训 奖学金 and Tuition Assistance Programs

奖学金 may be available for students participating in 技能培训 Programs. For information regarding Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood, telmon和其他学费援助项目, students may contact the 技能培训 Department at 256-549-8640


This scholarship provides tuition assistance for the elected officers of the Student Government Association.


These scholarships are funded by the SNA and awarded by the Nursing Department.


These scholarships are awarded to students planning to pursue technical degrees or program certificates. Students who apply with an undeclared or general major status are not eligible for consideration of technical scholarships.


These scholarships are presented to deserving Technical Division students, 考虑到经济需要.


The scholarships are awarded to students planning to pursue technical degrees or certificates. GSCC offers partial- to full-tuition scholarships to students in technical majors. At least 75 percent of classes must be within the technical major. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. Recipients are selected by the Technology Scholarship Committee.


This scholarship is awarded annually to a first-year student with consideration given to a student with financial need. 受助人由护理部挑选.


转移奖学金 对大多数大学开放吗. In the 12-month period prior to completing academic work at Gadsden State, the student should inquire at the intended university or on the university's website regarding scholarship opportunities. Scholarship awards are made by the sponsoring institutions; however, a few institutions permit the 十大赌博app Honors Committee to make recommendations regarding the recipients. Students may get additional information about the application process, deadlines and requirements by visiting the Advisement Resource Center. 一般来说,学生必须有3个.5 GPA and cannot have previously attended the transfer institution full time. The following institutions traditionally offer scholarships:  JSU, UAB, UAH, 阿拉巴马大学和蒙特瓦洛大学.


These scholarships pay tuition for one or two classes (depending on available funds) in the summer semester for participating students. This scholarship program assists graduating high school seniors in “bridging” the gap between high school and college.


These scholarships are awarded to students pursuing technical degrees or certificates. 最少2个.需要5 GPA. Recipients are recommended by the Technical Scholarship Committee.

Jesse L. Walker Jr. 企业奖学金

This scholarship is awarded to a full-time rising sophomore who is an Etowah County resident. The recipient must not qualify for any other financial aid and must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA. The recipient is recommended by the Business Department and approved by the Scholarship Committee.

红宝石和R. M. 沃克基金

This fund provides both full- and partial-tuition scholarships to students based on need and/or academic achievement.

Jerry W. Worthy & Larry T. 纪念奖学金

This scholarship provides tuition, books and supplies for a second-year nursing student. 由护理部进行选择.


This memorial scholarship is awarded to a deserving graduating senior of Glencoe High School. Consideration is given based on academic record (minimum 2.5 GPA required), demonstrated financial need and faculty/leader recommendations. The recipient is recommended by Glencoe High School and approved by the Scholarship Committee.


奖学金类型 描述/值 资格证书/联系信息


  • 总统奖学金 are awarded on a competitive basis by the Scholarship Committee.
  • 高中GPA 3.建议25岁或以上
  • ACT综合成绩22分或以上
  • 论文要求 
  • 需要简历和两封推荐信
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 3.大学GPA最低25分
  • 十大赌博app:奖学金办公室
  • 256-549-8203


  • 大使奖学金 are awarded in exchange for service to the College as hosts/hostesses for College and civic events.
  • 论文要求最多500字 
  • 需要简历和两封推荐信
  • 选择标准包括学术成绩, 社团及活动参与情况, 课外活动, 以及大使遴选委员会的面试.
  • 全额或部分学费 
  • 全日制招生
  • 参与必要的活动
  • 3.最低大学GPA为0
  • 十大赌博app:招生服务 
  • 256-549-8305


  • 各种选拔赛
  • 由个别运动教练招聘
  • 全日制招生
  • NJCAA需求
  • 联系人:体育部 
  • 256-549-8311 or 256-549-8310


  • 必须是以前的双录取学生
  • 必须完成18个学分
  • 部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 3.最低大学GPA为0
  • 十大赌博app:招生服务 
  • 256-549-8305


  • Priority will be given to African-American students enrolled in classes on the Valley Street Campus.
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 2.大学GPA最低5分
  • 十大赌博app:奖学金办公室 
  • 256-549-8203


  • 健康科学奖学金 are awarded to students who have declared a health sciences major.
  • Students who apply with undeclared or general major statuses are not eligible for consideration of 健康科学奖学金.
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 2.大学GPA最低75分
  • 联系人:Jennifer Wood
  • 256-549-8257


  • 高中GPA 3.建议25岁或以上 
  • Composite score of 22 or above on ACT recommended (or equivalent SAT)
  • 推荐毕业班前15%
  • 兴趣陈述最多800字
  • 论文要求最多800字
  • 大一新生和在校生入学
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 3.大学GPA最低25分
  • 联系人:荣誉学者项目主任 
  • 256-549-8255



  • 表演艺术奖学金 are awarded to students on the basis of portfolio/audition.
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 必须参加订明的活动
  • 2.最低大学GPA 2分
  • 联系人:美术系 
  • 256-549-8391 or 256-549-8445

Start Strong奖学金

  • 必须是2024年高中毕业生吗
  • 必须注册并参加2024年秋季全日制课程
  • 必须提交完整的奖学金申请吗
  • 部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 2月1日截止
  • 十大赌博app:奖学金办公室
  • 256-549-8203


  • 技术奖学金 are awarded to students planning to pursue technical degrees or certificate programs.
  • Students who apply with undeclared or general major statuses are not eligible for consideration of technical scholarships.
  • 全额或部分学费
  • 全日制招生
  • 75%的课程必须是申报的技术专业
  • 2.大学GPA最低5分
  • 十大赌博app:奖学金办公室 
  • 256-549-8203